Patient Testimonials

Lee Farmer“I am delighted with the care, attention, and professionalism, Sara has given me over the years. As a mountaineer, undertaking expeditions in the world’s extremes, it’s important to be in tip top physical shape. Sara understands what I go through when completing these challenges and helps me before and after these expeditions with a sound understanding of the traumas I put my body through and how to correct them. She has an in depth knowledge of the human body and sports injuries. I cannot think of anyone else to trust to get me ready for a trip or correct any damage or strain after. I have no hesitation in recommending her”.

Lee Farmer BSc (Hons), MBA, PGDipProjMan(RICS), FRGS
‘the ordinary guy doing extraordinary things’
80th Briton on Mt Everest

“Sara has been helping me over the last few years while I am in the twilight of my rugby playing career and to help me succeed with a couple of cycling challenges which I have set myself over the last 3 years. With Sara’s help and patience I have achieved my aims and am still playing rugby at the age of 43 which I hope to do for the near future. Sara has actively worked with me on a number of issues affecting my back, hip and calf and ensured that it hasn’t prevented me from doing anything.”

Andrew Spaak, Solutions Delivery Manager

“Prior to an event Sara provided me with some much needed work on my shoulders to increase the range of movement to improve my position and shot. I highly recommend Sara, as she helped get my muscles in the best possible shape to compete for the championships.”

Richard Brickell, European Gold Medalist Olympic Skeet, ranked number 3 in the UK

“Sara has been treating me for many years and my clients ensuring that they can keep training which it vital due to their personal goals. Also as I run over 100 miles per week, Sara has ensured that I have been able to maintain this level and helped me through lower back pain and calf problems. I strongly recommend Sara as a practitioner due to her professionalism and level of care.”

Annalease Chandler, Personal Trainer

“I had been suffering from a painful whiplash injury for a number of years.  During this time I had sought treatment elsewhere but this proved ineffective.  Sara was the only person to successfully deal with the pain and long term issues.”

James Rawlings PS 33R, SO14 Royalty Protection D Relief Supervisor